Branded Nation

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James Hall
IMC 301
December 3, 2012
Branded Nation
Branded Nation was written by James B. Twitchell a professor of marketing and English at University of Florida. In his book he wrote about institutions that are looked up upon by the public as ones that are outside the area of organizations that sell merchandises and services. These institutions are not traditionally connected with marketing, or even branding, but, as you start to read through the book you soon realize they are. The three institutions in his book are, the church, the university, and the museum. . These organizations are not perceived to be associate with the world of advertising and fierce marketing. Twitchell argues that the need for salvation, which he calls a human 'epiphany', becomes the emotional product of religion. Twitchell says that all culture "comes to us through a commercial process of story-telling called branding."(Twitchell 2). Twitchells main theme or message in the book is that brands rule, not just for huge corporate organizations but colleges, churches, and museums. These organizations are not just branding, but working to build brand names harder and faster than ever. These organizations are using narrative to reach the masses. I think the book questions your own assumptions about the practices we participate in. The books makes readers question “what does our branding say about us? Are we alone responsible for the commercialization of current churches”. One topic from our reading that directly relates to this books theme is brand community. A brand community is consumers who share a set of social relationships based upon usage or interest in a product. This is what these organizations that Twitchell describes are trying to do by marketing their brand. For example I hear all the time our athletic director talking about Northwestern being a brand that you will carry for the rest of your life. Jim Phillips often says “the “N” never washes off. Northwestern university...
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