Brand Value Pyramid for Coke

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Assignment 1
Brand Management

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Mehvash Zameer

Brand Association Questions:
The answer to brand association questions were taken from 5 very loyal customers of coke. Following is a cumulative response to the questions: 1. First thing that comes to mind with Coke:
* Energy
* Awake
* The color Red
* The bottle
* Drink

2. Strengths and weaknesses of the brand:
Strengths| Weaknesses|
Taste| Not easily available everywhere|
Strength| Brand extensions have created confusions|
Instant rejuvenation| Does not come in a buddy pack|
Goes well with chips, pizza and burger| Feeling of burping after drinking| Good taste| |
Good advertisements| |
Easily available| |

3. Factors contributing to perceptions of these strengths and weaknesses: * The shopping experience
* Availability issue
* The taste of the brand
* Eating
* Personal experience with the brand

4. Brands considered before buying Coke:
* Pepsi
* Sprite

5. Perceptions of other brands considered:
Pepsi| Sprite|
Strong as compared to coke| No caffeine|
Sweeter in taste| Expensive for quality of drink given|
Has more gas in it| Bubbly flavor|
Taste is a weakness| |

6. Why to choose Coke?
* Because of the taste
* Gives strength
* As substitute for Pepsi

7. Has coke met your expectations and needs:

8. Benefits that coke has provided :
* Good taste
* Sense of satisfaction
* Sense of being alive

9. Experience with the brand before you made the you used the product...after you used it? * Good
* Excellent in all phases

10. Exactly what you bought when you purchased our product or service : * Coke and chips
* Taste
* Satisfaction
* Energy

11. When describing our brand to another potential buyer, how would you describe it? * Great taste
* Better than Pepsi
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