Brand Preference of Gym Enthusiasts on Energy Drink Products

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Brand preference is one of the most important factors to consider in having a product competition in the market. Most of the company tries to use their brand image, brand name, and brand uniqueness as their competitive advantage, to make their product be on top of the list of other existing brand. Other companies also tries to use advertising that may be of higher cost but may recommend that it will catch the attention of the viewer and be the consumer of such product, especially with exaggerated advertisement.

Advertising gives a variety of information about a certain product, and can be the basis on how consumers choose their preference of the brand that they will purchase. This study may try to find out how consumers choose their brand, especially in many preferences. Will the advertisement of a product affect their buying behaviour, will the consumer reject or be discouraged to buy the product or may be encouraged to buy in a way of overstated advertising of a certain product.

It is important to study the brand preference of gym enthusiasts on energy drink product, in this research we will focus on how gym enthusiasts choose the brand of energy drink they will purchase. Brand preference is a degree by which the consumers prefer one brand over the other. It also provides some information needed by the buyer, like how consumers choose the kind of product.

It is important to study how brand preference may affect the consumer’s buying behaviour in choosing and using their product and in accepting the variety of brand other may offer to the consumers. This research may also be helpful to the consumers for them to be aware of how consumers choose products among other products and what is their main factor in choosing such brand.

The reason why we chose the topic, “Brand Preference of Gym Enthusiasts on Energy Drink Product.” is to know why consumers choose the product they will buy even though there are other of brands of the same particular kind of product and also to determine the factors that may be the reason in buying such brand of energy drink product.

We will able to know the reason why they prefer to buy a certain brand of energy drink. If they are affected to the advertisement of the product or if it has a positive effect on their body, or they are just influenced by their friends. In this study, we may consider those reasons to support our hypothesis and give information to the manufacturers of such energy drink about their competitors.

Brand preference also has a significant role to the consumers. It reflects their awareness to the product and a high possibility to purchase the product. Gym enthusiasts are possible consumer of energy drink that’s why we chose to use them as respondents of this study.

Because of the fact that every person needs to struggle to be alive, most of the people are all busy in working to support all the needs and wants of their family. So the energy drink product could be very helpful for them to give them energy especially if they are so tired. But the question is how many times are they drinking energy drink? Does it affect their attitude or their behaviour? We can also conclude that some of them are being addicted with the product or not. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

This research entitled “Brand Preference of Gym Enthusiasts on Energy Drink Product” intends to know the brand preference of male and female gym enthusiasts in purchasing an energy drink product. Do they really depend on their brand preferences? Specifically, this study seeks to answer the following: 1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of:

a. Age
b. Gender
c. Occupation
2. Are the respondents drinking energy drink?
3. How often do the respondents drink energy drink?
4. Which brand of energy drink are the respondents drinking? 5. Why are the respondents drinking the said brand of energy drink?

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