Brand Management: Boost Juice Case Study

Topics: Brand management, Brand, Brand equity Pages: 4 (1326 words) Published: July 30, 2012
Boost Juice was founded by Australian born, Janine Allis. The product advocates healthy living. This is now an extremely successful franchise business and the fastest growing juice bar chain of stores and products in Australia. The product Boost juice started off as an yoghurt product and after patenting the product, the juice was born. The stores:

The Boost Juice operates through Franchise stores which is a very successful marked ploy because the owners realized that unless people are involved in the product stores with their ownership and shared similar ideas like the founders, the formula will not be a success and so to share the energy, enthusiasm success and rewards ,people had to passionate about this. This is reason why Boost juice operates as franchise stores. "The brand:

Boost juice has been ranked as the 20th most powerful brand in Australia. This is the only franchise brand to be listed .the response for the popularity of the brand was the sense of fun that the well trained staff always exhibited. The image and logo of Boost juice is very colorful and invokes a sense of well being. “Brand power is the ability to produce irrational, loyal and passionate behavior. Consumers are looking for brands they can emotively believe in. They want to know what a company stands for and judge them accordingly. This isn’t just about the environment or whales; it’s a passion of purpose.”She further adds that the brand equity has been established as rightly the aim of the marketing channel is to showcase Boost Juice not only as a mature brand but also the relevancy of the marketing campaign to the product. Customer profile;

Boost juice customers are not limited to any age group of demography. The product is projected as being healthy with the vigor of real fruit that it is attracted by all. In fact even patients in hospitals endorse the healthy juice bars. The customer profile has been so targeted that this product is universally liked by...

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