Brand Effect on Consumer Buying Behavior

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A training report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION

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Name of Student: Parvesh Sharma
BBA – V (SEM) Roll No.: 112261040



Management is a profession wherein no work can be accomplished without the help and assistance of a large number of people, be it your superiors or subordinates. A good manager is the one who knows how to get the work Accomplished with the help of his colleagues. As future managers, we are taught to practice such behavior at every step. This Project is Also a part of it. I would like to thank BABA FARID COLLEGE of Management and Technology for providing me With This great opportunity to work on this report and choosing my own topic of interest. Further I would also like to thank everyone in BABA FARID COLLEGE of Management and Technology with Whom I have come in contact during the preparation of this dissertation. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Ms. Sandeep kaur and Mr. Sumit extended for Their Support during the study and preparation of the report. All Have Been profoundly instrumental in making the project Undertaken the source of knowledge providing all the support and Necessary guidance.


This is a Guarantee, an assurance for a defined standard of quality for the first time and for every time but not the vice versa. Brand is name or logo that plays the role in the mind of the customer. Brands do not compete in the product area but compete for the mind space of the customer. A brand once established in the mind of the customer becomes indelible when customer identifies itself with that particular Brand. Branding is an effective marketing strategy tool that has been used with frequent success in the past. Branding can be an effective and powerful tool for all types of business organizations. If brand owners use their product correctly, the payoffs can be substantial. However, if brands are mismanaged, the results can be damaging. This report is aimed to investigate the effect of brand on consumer buying behavior. How much consumers are prepared to pay for branded products, how important they consider price, brand or other factors during their purchasing decisions. The Report aimed at comprehensive literature review on branding, brand loyalty, brand awareness, brand equity and brand perceptions, price sensitivity and willingness to pay. The brand new order is an environment of continuous, accelerating change and spiraling complexity. It is transforming and Disrupting the business landscape for consumer products companies and presenting them with huge opportunities and risks.


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