Brand Building

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Topic: Brand Building
Name: Joyce Njoki
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Brand building
Thesis statement
Brand building is a public relation function that involves understanding the type of brand the company requires and the types of brand assets involved in brand building that lead to development of a strong brand.

Branding is the use of words, designs and symbols to give a product a distinct identity and differentiate it from competitive products (Burkwood, 2008). The main aim of branding is to make the customers of that product learn to associate with the value created by a particular product. This in turn simplifies their decision making process since they begin to routinely buying the brand rather than stopping to evaluate every alternative while shopping.

Public relations and brand building
According to Njoki Waweru, from BlueSky Adventures, while branding a company, one has to work together with the Advertisers. However, it is important to note that Public Relations is different from advertising. Public Relations, is a sophisticated way of projecting products and brands into the consumer minds. The difference between public relations and advertising is that, while advertising relies on buying space public relations aims to make news by highlighting the organizations events, launches and newsworthy developments (Nidal A. Z., 2012). For example Tusker Lite has various advertisements such as on billboards and also on newspapers, (Daily nation, 2013) but branding would involve having an event that is covered by media. A Public relations campaign ensures that the brand maintains a steady presence in the media (Nidal A. Z., 2012). The current strategy being used at BlueSky is the allowance of the work to speak for itself, having the clients advertises the company through word of mouth. The last interview was done by Teens Connect a Saturday Teens show on NTV at 11:00 am. Public relations plays a key role in reaching and influencing those whose opinions influence the end users, therefore for a successful Public relations campaign it is important for the public relations practitioner to identify different ways to reach the key people and interest groups in order to advance the brand presence. At BlueSky adventures, the key people are the directors, managers, parents and the clients. Njoki Waweru therefore uses different tactics to reach them all. For the directors and managers, she ensures that they are constantly updated about what is happening in the company. This is mainly done through emails and face to face interactions once a week. In order to reach the parents, Njoki Waweru, usually emails the parents the updates of the company. For example when informing them about, when the camps start, how much they will cost how to register, about climb BlueSky events and BlueSky youth trips. She gets their emails on the first day when the parents sign in.

Types of brands
According to Spencer G., (2009) In order for a business organization to successfully create an effective brand that is capable of enhancing the value of the product, the public relations practitioner must be able to understand how the delivery of the value differs across different types of brands. The organization must be aware of the kind of brand suitable for the company. There are two main types of brands, this include: 1. Product brand

This is the branding of the tangible products, those that one can touch. These are the fast moving in-expensive consumer goods such as drinks, personal care products etc. and the big ticket expensive items such as Jewelry, cars and appliances (Spencer G., 2009). Coca-Cola Company can be categorized as a product brand since one can touch the products that they offer such as Sprite, Coke, Stoney Tangawizi and Fanta. All this products can be touched. Therefore,...

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