Brand Audit of Power Root

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■ Brand audit objectives, scope, and approach-------------------------------------------------------------2

■ Background about the brand (self-analysis)---------------------------------------------------------------4

■ Background about the industries-----------------------------------------------------------------------------5

■ Consumer analysis (trends, motivation, perceptions, needs, segmentation, behavior)-----7

■ Brand inventory

■ Elements, current marketing programs, POPs, PODs-----------------------------------10-13

■ Branding strategies (extensions, sub-brands, etc.)--------------------------------------14-16

■ Brand portfolio analysis------------------------------------------------------------------------17-19

■ Competitors’ brand inventory-----------------------------------------------------------------20

■ Strengths and weaknesses----------------------------------------------------------------------22

■ Brand exploratory

■ Brand associations---------------------------------------------------------------------------------24

■ Brand positioning analysis-----------------------------------------------------------------------25

■ Summary of competitor analysis-------------------------------------------------------------------------25

■ SWOT analysis-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------26

■ Brand equity evaluation------------------------------------------------------------------------------------29

■ Strategic brand management recommendations ---------------------------------------------------30

■ Reference--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------31

Brand Audit Objectives
• To enhance our understanding of the brand audit process. • To enhance our understanding of how a successful brand works. • To showcase our teamwork.
• To experience being a brand manager.
• To study the Power Root brand.


In designing our brand audit study, we chose to limit our scope to the local arena. There are several reasons for this. First we feel that the examples in our textbook are mostly international brand to which we have no strong affinity or understanding. Secondly, by choosing a local brand we will have access to more information which will be readily available compared to foreign brands. Finally we feel that it is a better choice to start with something at home to learn about brand audit and it also to show that we are proud of our homegrown brands. These are the reasons as to why we chose Power Root. Our scope of study will cover many aspects of the brand. We will study the background, followed by the brand’s inventory (elements, branding strategies, and marketing strategies), brand associations, perceptions...
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