Brand and Dairy Milk

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Developing brand identity

Brand Development - Building
the Dairy Milk Megabrand

A brand identity is the message sent out by the brand through its name, product shape and design, visual symbols (such as logos), advertising etc. This identity needs to be planned by brand management, as this is key to gaining market acceptance and leadership.

The Brand Pyramid - Brand Meaning

transfer to all sub-brands. The risk however, is that if one brand is unsuccessful or falls into disrepute, the reputation of the complete family of brands can be tarnished. Cadbury is a family brand. Individual brand names (or multibrands): In this case each

brand is created and named separately and has a separate identity. Using a family brand may not be suitable as the brand values may be too far apart.
Combination brand names: This approach allows for the optimal use of the corporate (family) brand name, while allowing an individual brand to be identified, e.g. Cadbury Dairy Milk.

brand core
brand proposition


The Cadbury Family Range

brand style

Since setting up in Ireland more than 70 years ago, Cadbury has become the undisputed market leader in the chocolate market with a 48% share of a market worth €473 million annually. The Dairy Milk brand alone accounts for approximately 33% of Cadbury’s total chocolate Cadbury Ireland is a subsidiary of

blocks (moulded) and bars sales, making it the number one confectionery brand in the Cadbury-Schweppes plc, a global leader in
market. The continued success of the Dairy Milk brand is testament to the quality the manufacture of beverages and confectionery
of its brand management. This study will examine the nature of a brand and the products. Cadbury Ireland was set up in 1932, producing
critical role of managing a brand concept.The latest strategic development of the just three products, including Cadbury Dairy Milk. Today,
Dairy Milk brand will then be reviewed: The Building of the Dairy Milk Cadbury Ireland has three production plants, in Coolock and Dun Megabrand!
Laoghaire in Dublin and Rathmore, Co. Kerry. All have become Cadbury - Unique taste to suit Irish tastes

centres of excellence for the manufacture of confectionery products. More than 200 products are exported from Ireland to 30 countries around the world, making a contribution of €110 million to Irish trade. Cadbury Ireland uses local ingredients and is one of the largest users of indigenous Irish materials. Using local

produce is a major factor in creating the legendary

Best Quality
Cocoa Beans

Fresh Irish Milk and Sugar

‘Know How’

taste of Cadbury Ireland’s products.
Creamy, Distinctive and Tastes Like More

What is a brand?
A brand is "a name, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of these, intended to identify the goods or services of one seller and to distinguish them from those of competitors". Branding helps differentiate products and can be a powerful tool of competitive strategy.While products can come and go over time, brands (if properly managed) can live indefinitely. Brands have many benefits for companies and consumers. For companies; strong brands add value, and consumers develop positive associations with the brand and are less likely to purchase competitors’ products. This means the brand can act as a barrier to competition. For consumers, brands help them to quickly identify products and make shopping easier. Strong brands carry a guarantee of quality which consumers trust and are often willing to pay more for. Consumers will pay a premium (top price) for a branded product when they believe it provides higher value. Building strong brands is an important marketing activity for companies, enabling premium pricing, and making widespread distribution easier to achieve. Brand loyalty helps create and sustain high sales and profits.This increased value is called...
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