Bmw: Brand and Product Life Cycle

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BMW build automobiles which are globally known and appreciated as a synonymous of quality and excellence in its fabrication, luxury details and also the comfortable interior design. The four stages of the product life cycle for every product which are showed in figure 11-1 are Introduction, Growth, Maturity, and Decline, the vice president of marketing of BMW Jim McDowell explained “'We're fortunate right now at BMW in that all of our products are new and competitive, introducing new models overtime, You have to logically plan out the introductions over time, so you're Not changing a whole mixed range at the same time you’re changing another model range."

The product life cycle of BMW compared with figure 11-1 of the book, and its four stages, such as Introduction, Growth, Maturity, and Decline, but according with Mr. McDowell “If a product is declining, we would prefer to withdraw it from the market, as opposed to having a strategy for dealing with the declining product." Consequently, Maturity and Decline stages are not present in BMW's product life cycle. Previous to a product getting the Maturity stage that is distinguished by lessening vending quantity and for this reason declining revenue, BMW draw it away from the market. BMW vehicles classically cover product life cycle of seven years. Products have a bell-shape curvature of length of durability. As it can it be observed in Figure 11-1, and this is the commitment at BMW. In my opinion, BMW branding strategy is the Manufacturer Branding, which is “A key decision to be taken by all manu¬facturers is the branding policy towards the products which they introduce to the market. In some instances, the manufacturer will choose to adopt a multiproduct branding strategy. Here, the manufacturer uses the strength of the parent name to communicate a series of common values which 'endorse' all of the products which bear that name.” In countless occasions, manufacturers keep more than a few brand names which...
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