BMW AND Rolex Positioning

Topics: Brand management, Sociology, Brand Pages: 5 (253 words) Published: February 22, 2015

Tayfun Erden

 Benefi t Positioning:

Associated with superiority, performance, technology and quality. Sportive, young looking and cool.
Also positions itself as a symbol of prestige.
Gives people a pleasure while driving.
Brand recognition, customer relationship, reliability some other benefi t in customer minds.

 Target Positioning:
 Focused on men and women, aged between 30-50, who looks for clean and sportive look.
 But we cannot say BMW has a very clean and defi ned target.

 Price/ Value Positioning:
 Price range varies.
 Mid-High, High pricing.

 Rivalry Positioning:
 Brand doesn’t position themselves as a rivalry for any other competitor.
 But BMW tries to stand out among Mercedes or Audi.

 Warm, Fuzzy positioning:
 People feel the prestige, high status sportive looking.
 BMW brings additional value.

 Indirect Benefi t Driven Positioning:
 BMW has ‘BMW Ultimate Benefi ts’ which is exclusive
benefi ts just for BMW owners.
 But these benefi ts not for positioning themselves but for after- purchase satisfaction.

 Benefi t Positioning:

To have most prominent brand in luxury watches.
Superior performance, superior quality and design.
Scarcity of the product and distinctive persona.
Symbol of personal success.
Indicates social statues.

 Target Positioning:
 Successful businessman, high social class, wealthy people, infl uencers.

 Price/ Value Positioning:
 “Highest quality for high price” brand motto.

 Positioning by Distribution:
 Brand produces 600-800 thousand watches and distribute
them where high social class people goes.

 Warm, Fuzzy positioning:
 Belonging some part of group ( High Class ).
 Feeling the prestige and success.

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