Biomes and Diversity

Topics: Ecosystem, Natural environment, Biodiversity Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: November 6, 2011
Biomes and Diversity

The importance of Biomes is regulated and should be preserved by the environment for which any particular organism is located. The ecosystems composed in relation to the Biomes differ from region to region so a controlled system most be established to balance the growth of dominant inviters. This can help stop the lose of any one particular Biome. One for instance of lose of Biomes accrued when humans take over land for the development of homes, mini malls, and so on. At the same time the fresh water Aquatic Zones are being depleted and miss handled from its natural geographical flow. (Ballard 1996). The more humans populate the more natural resources they will need. To create a balance with biomes and the aquatic zones humans need to be more creative and come up with solution that will allow a balance with the natural resources of the planet. The reason humans deforest woods come from the need to clear plains for developments at the same time natural rivers are being cut of and or rerouted depriving plants and animals from their natural nutriments. The trees that are being cut down are the trees that helped support the natural growth of vine such as the pepper vine and the vanilla vines with out the shade and support provided by the trees the vines have a minimal chance of a long existence. (Francis 1997). It is important that biomes and aquatic zones are not over developed, the scale of over development will cause an irreversible lose of animals and organisms. (Turk 2011).

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