Biology Essay on Overfishing

Topics: Biodiversity, Ecosystem, Species Pages: 4 (1298 words) Published: June 2, 2013

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Skyler Korn
Mrs. Amenta
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21 May 2013

The Destruction of the Waters.
Starting in the 1800s overfishing has put a devastating toll on our seas. Fishing started with whaling where the English decimated the whale population. In the 1900s cod and sardine fishing were popular. Not only was there ocean fishing but in the great lakes The blue pike became extinct in 1972 due to the commercial fishing on the great lakes. Currently there are 3 million fishing vessels that are active in the ocean and together they catch 120 million tons of fish each year. With this extraordinary amount of fish being caught and taken out of the ocean there’s a large toll being put on the ocean. Overfishing is when fish are being caught to fast and don’t have time to reproduce. This causes an extreme decrease in the amount of fish in the ocean. 52 % of fish stocks are fully exploited. 7% of the fish are depleted which means they are endangered species. 1% of them are being recovered from depletion. With these astronomical numbers we see that overfishing is a big problem with 7% of the fish being depleted and only 1% being recovered. Already 90% of the stocks of large fish are gone. Species are being lost along with the collapse of the ecosystem. We are in risk of loosing a valuable food source. Overfishing is taking a devastating toll on the species biological diversity, which makes each fish different and helps it survive, even some of the fish that are caught are Korn 2

mistakes and called bycatches, many of which die from being hooked or still in a net for too long, overfishing even affects the economy by creating job losses.
Fish can survive and protect themselves through biological diversity, which creates a difference between each of the fish. There are three levels of biological diversity. There is genetic, species, and ecosystem diversity. Through overfishing genetic diversity, the difference between fish of the same species, has...
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