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A Detailed explanation Biodiversity!
What is Biodiversity ?
The word 'biodiversity' is a contraction (short form) of biological diversity. Diversity is a concept which refers to the range of variation or differences among some set of entities; biological diversity thus refers to variety within the living world (here a habitat).

The term 'biodiversity' is indeed commonly used to describe the number, variety and variability of living organisms.

From the above explanation it is clear that biodiversity is the variety or different living organisms present in a particular habitat.

Meaning of the word Biodiversity.

As read from d above explanations Biodiversity, Biodiversity can be broken down and represented like this

Biodiversity=Biological+ Diversity

Biological=Consisting of all living beings

Types of Biodiversity

There are three major kinds of Biodiversity they are:-
1. Diversity of species- Number of different species that are present in the universe(>1.7Million) 2. Genetic Diversity-Here the inside a species there are different configurations. 3. Ecosystem Diversity- Variety of habitats around the world eg.Deserts ,Tundra’s,Marine ecosystem DISTRIBUTION OF BIODIVERSITY

Flora and fauna diversity depends on-
Altitude-Refers to Hilly areas
Presence of other species
Most of the biodiversity concentrated in Tropical region.

Tropic Level: Elimination of species from tropic level can cause destruction of ecosystem as well as biodiversity. Complex Ecosystem: In a complicated ecosystem having several tropic levels, loss of one or more spices do not cause any serious problem because the alternative available. Keystone Species: Loss or addition of species causes detectable changes in ecosystem rates i.e. species make unique contribution to ecosystem functioning. Niche Complementary: Difference among species in their requirements for...
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