Axe Cologne

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Axe Cologne
By: Emily Kaminski, Tyler Melville,
David Lee Miller, Lazar Radicevic,
Jaclyn Schwarz, Matthew Tesch, Kyle Trelka

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Our marketing team has taken on the challenge of creating an advertising campaign and promotion plan for the new brand extension of Axe Cologne from Unilever. We feel given the on-going success of the Axe brand launching this new product will be an exciting venture and we are eager to present our plans. We will begin with the history of the Axe brand and how the brand has expanded since its beginning. We will then go into the objectives we hope to accomplish with our plan, the four p’s of the marketing mix, target audience, and some issues we will face. History

Axe was introduced in 1983 in France and is considered the most popular male grooming brand in the world. Axe is a product/brand of Unilever that was inspired by another Unilever product, Impulse. This is a women’s fragrance spray that promises to attract men. The Axe body spray (the original product) has throughout its life time has built a broad line extension. It has spread to many parts of the world such as Latin America, North America, Asia, and South Africa. It also leads the industry in the body spray market and has many other male grooming products as well. Some of these include: anti-perspirants, deodorant sticks, shower gels, and hair styling products. This brand has helped build Unilever’s revenue, for in 2010 Unilever’s revenue was roughly 60 billion dollars. And now we would like to introduce a new product, Axe cologne.

Our first main objective for introducing Axe Success cologne is to add to the product family by creating a brand extension. Since Axe already has a man’s body spray we feel that the next step for male grooming needs would be cologne. Consumers tend to like brand extensions more when the product fits in some way with the parent brand or with the set of brands in the brand family and when they really like the parent brand (Hoyer). Since Axe body spray is marketed in the US to men 16-23 year olds, Axe Success would be marketed to men 23-40 years old to reach a new target market. Reaching a new target market would help Axe increase its brand loyalty. Since Axe already carries deodorants, antiperspirants, shower gels, shampoos, and hair styling products it would be very beneficial to offer cologne for the professional man who grew up using other Axe products. Our final objective is to have better product placement. We will achieve this by airing commercials during prime time viewing hours. Our commercials will play during top rated sitcoms and during sports shows. Also we will have magazine ads in men’s health magazines and sports magazines. We will sell Axe Success at retail stores that already carry Axe products, and some higher scale stores that don’t carry Axe products but sell cologne. Product

Our product is Axe Success, a cologne designed to make men smell their best when they need it the most. Axe Success is made of 6 essential oils all deriving from natural sources. Most high end cologne’s are a blend of two or three essential oils. The more essential oils contained in the cologne or perfume, the more expensive and exclusive it is (ehow.com_main ingredients). Since Axe Success has 6 essential oils it will be regarded as quality among consumers. Axe Success has zero synthetics in it. Success is a quality all natural product. Synthetic aromatics are made in a laboratory, not derived from natural materials. The purpose of using synthetics is to keep production costs low and to create greater quantities of cologne (ehow.com_main ingredients). Synthetics have...

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