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ODEL Summary
ODEL PLC is Sri Lanka’s first example of retailing industry providing a range of stylish clothing to the fashionconscious with the robust growth and the fast paced evolving trends. ODEL celebrates its 25th year of success carrying out business in an eccentric and fashionable manner. It’s reputed for inspiring lifestyles to the local market for different price levels catering to different levels of spending power. ODEL now employs more than 430. They also provide indirect employment of more than 500. ODEL's product mix contains more than 1,500 different items, with a majority of those sourced locally. Odel works with more than 1000 suppliers, and over 300 factories. Apart from retail, the ODEL involves itself in wholesale/ export of garments to countries such as the Maldives, the Middle East, and Europe. ODEL placed on record a YOY growth of 1.4% from that of 2012/2013, posting a turnover of Rs 4.59 billion, up from Rs. 4.53 billion in the previous fiscal year.

ODEL is B2C organisation focusing on developing new trends to the local and tourist sector customer base with Product they deliver which are: Ladies wear, Menswear, Kids-wear, Home ware, Delight - Sweet indulgences from chocolates to exotic nuts, Perfume & Cosmetics, Books & Music, Shoes & Handbags, Jewellery & Accessories, Luggage, Food, Stationery, Gift Wrap & Souvenirs. Products available at department stores around main cities and suburbs as well as the virtual store. ODEL encounters Monopolistic Competition from the market which it operates in. Main competitors are Cotton Collecion, Mondy, Hameedia, House of Fashion, NOLIMIT, Romafour. The main functions of ODEL have been identified and divided in to separate departments which specialise in one particular function of the organisation. The major functions of ODEL can be categorised as Sales and Marketing, Procurement, Manufacture and Design, Research and Development, Accounting, IT and Human Resources management. These functions communicates through intranet, emails, newsletters as well as group meetings and has integrated communication in order to provide the customer with the best of services and efficient supply chain management that drives the performance and purpose. Sales, Customer service transfer information to Marketing and Marketing will send certain requirements and feedback to R&D and Procurement as well as Finance for budges approval, all these information are flown internally and externally by effective IT Infrastructure and in turn helps ODEL improve their products and service qualities and delight the customers. Finance and HR decides on the allocation of budgets for each functions, incorporated by data received from past year activities. Information flows back and forth within these departments and integrated communication plays a major role within the organisation.

ODEL’s main important Stakeholders are the shareholders, Suppliers, Distribution channels, Financial Institution, Employees, and Customers.
Power Cultures have few rules and little bureaucracy; swift decisions can ensue. The unique characteristic of power culture is centralised management power. ODEL’s culture can be identified as a power culture where the activities of the organisation are controlled by a team of three directors and 2independant directors. A culture of openness prevails at work. Open dialog and open door policy for employees and the associates are the greatest asset in the eyes of the management.

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Role of Internal Communication
Effective internal communication has been linked with improved bottom line results for organisations by employee engagement (encode-decode information as it’s a two-way process). In order to run a successful organization ODEL has brought down the right internal communication methods within its SBUs. Effective internal communication(IC) will results in better operational effectiveness. ODEL has aligned the IC strategy to its strategic goals involving its...
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