Are Men More Vain Than Women

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I think that men are more vain, even though society wants us to beleive that women are more vain .

Men love being in the centre of attention and want women to be attracted to them. They tend to use more and more beauty products like for example a facial scrub ,moisturizing cream or a lip balm, . They make sure that they have a good looking outfit and their hair should be tame all the time. With the rise of the metrosexual man, we're seeing more men getting facials, manicure pedicure, depilation and even having cosmetic surgery. They often go to a beauty salon or solarium. Some of them are even just in love with themselves, many brag about the amount of women that they have picked up because of their good looks. Lots of men think that women are very vain, but looking at it from my point of view, the women have to look beautiful because guys are very visual and want to have a girlfriend who is attractive, sensual and tempting. While women are more sensible and concentrate mostly on men’s personality and intelligence rather than looks. Men love showing off , buying flashy cars, expensive perfumes, brand-name clothing. They spend hours at gym and dream about having a perfect body. They often have fragile egos and distorted views of their appearance. Men brag more than women, about how they look and how they're confident. They adore compliments and flattery. But in my opinion it shows that they are weak and need to be appreciated in order to feel good. Most of women can openly say how much they don't like themselves while men don't do the same even if they are not happy in their own skin. We are living in the world that requires you to be more presentable. The more presentable you are, the more respect people would give you. We are now living in a material world, agree or not that's true. Isn't it when we are walking on streets, we sometimes don't admit this but when we saw people who are not that presentable as us, we tend to think different things about...
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