Animals Need Freedom?

Topics: Natural environment, Animal, The Animals Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: January 16, 2011
Animals need freedom?
In today's modern society, there are many social point of view is about animals. Moreover, should animals in the zoo become a focus view. Also some people think that zoos are cruel, and as such should be banned. Above all, a great argument from supporters of zoos. They claim that animals in the zoo are safe and not dangerous for people. Furthermore, those who agree with cage-breeding method think that they can see wild animal so close in this way, and it can help people cultivate love to animal and nature, most importantly, it can protect animal form unknown’s environment. Another argument that some feel put animals in the zoo is not correct way. Because this animal had lost their freedom life of the original and will be a waste of human and material resources. In addition, will result in the destruction of the ecological balance in some areas. In my opinion, I think some animals should live in a zoo, but not all. Because the zoo provides the animals the comfortable and safe living conditions that cannot be found in other places. .If the animals get ill, certain people will take care of them to prevent further danger caused by the diseases. Moreover, the zoo is a good place to know the rules in the wild world. We can be much closer to the nature and to know how precious the animals and how to love them and live with them to keep the balance in the nature. To sum up, different people have different opinion. Perhaps , in the future the relationship between humans and animals will become better.
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