Animal vs. Human

Topics: Meat, Human, Animal testing Pages: 4 (1261 words) Published: November 12, 2012
Dulce Hernandez
Expository Reading & Writing
15 October 2012
Animals v Humans
The world is filled with ideas and topics in which people get to decide if it’s right or wrong, but how do you which one is truly right? Facts and proven statements are what makes you decide on the one if more accurate then just having a person say what they think. On an article titled “A Change of Heart About Animals,” by Jeremy Rifkin has information on how animals, “are more like us than we ever imagined.” I disagree. I strongly believe humans are and will always be the dominant species and animals shouldn’t ever be on the same level with us, animals are inferior to us and humans will always use them for our needs.

Vegetarians may be healthy but not as healthy as people who keep meat in their diets. There has been arguments that talk about how being vegetarian is better but have they ever given the thought that meat has a big part in out diets for years. Rifkin mentions in his essay that animals are, “destined for slaughter and human consumption.” how else are we suppose to keep yourselves alive? By just eating grass? In a edublog, Clarissa has a valid reason that we should not stop consuming animals, “meat is known for keeping the human body’s temperature normal unlike vegetarians who are always wearing a sweater when its hot outside.” Her point is actually true, people who don’t eat meat don’t get the same protein as how meat eaters get. Some of the health benefits that come from eating meat give off energy for people. Meat contains a large amount of protein, that helps improve well being of one’s body. Other nutrients that meat contains that you will not be able to find in greens are iron, zinc, and selenium. Lastly, meat also contains vitamins like Vitamin A, B, and D. These vitamins give humans a better vision, stronger teeth and bones and most importantly it supports the central nervous system that makes the body overall healthy. No only does Rifkin talks...
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