An Environment Consists Of All The Things Like The Living And The Non Living Things In It

Topics: Natural environment, Environmentalism, Ecology Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: July 30, 2015
An environment consists of all the things like the living and the non living things in it. It can be classified as natural environment and Built environment. One has to keep some points in mind while writing an environment essay. One can define the natural environment as something that has been in existence for long and the built is the one that has been created by man. One can get more information from the Nature and Environment Essay.

The natural atmosphere is being polluted due to the unnatural factors. Humans cause more pollution than the environmental causes like a volcanic eruption. It is the reckless and the caustic human nature that is primarily responsible for the environmental pollution. Most of the people are responsible for the pollution caused to the environment for their own personal motives. A write up on Environment must essentially have the causes that affect the ecosystem.

It is very difficult for the humans to accept any change from the environment they are born and live in. The Environment built by humans has become more noteworthy than the natural ones in todays times. The primary reasons for issues like Global warming Land degradation pollution etc are due the great dangers faced by everyone as a result of the negligence.

Global Warming is defined as the increase in the average temperature of the earth near surface air and ocean since the mid 20th century and its projected continuation. There is a lot of heat caused to the earth due to the green house gases that get rapt in the suns rays thereby causing global warming. More facts about Global Warming can be found in Global Warming Essay.

It is the duty of the writer to mention the causes that affect the environmental descent. It is the growth in population and also the economic advancement that has added to pollution as well. Every living and non living thing is being affected by this so one must understand that biophysical environment is meant for all and understand the...
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