3 Problems of Teaching Oral English

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Analysis of the Importance of Oral
English in English Teaching of
Middle School in the West Region
Abstract:As we know, English has already become an international language in the world. Oral English plays an important role in real life. It is one of the basic skills in English learning. Recently,oral English appears more and more important in English teaching of middle school in west region of China. But there are also some problems that exist in language teaching. Some students can't find the right word when they communicate with others in English with the results that they have the impression they are poor at oral English. On the other hand, because of these problems, some of the students might give up this opportunity to learn and practice oral English. With the time flying, they become afraid to talk out aloud in the class. As a result, the less they speak, the worse their oral English will be. This paper tries to explore the importance of speaking English, then find out the original problems and analyses the reasons why student's ability of speaking is so poor, in view of the realistic problems that middle school students have, we should improve oral English into practice through this research.

Key words: oral English; middle school; communication; west region 摘要:
据我们所知,英语在世界中已经成为一种国际语言。口语在我们的现实生活中扮演了 非常重要的角色,它是英语学习中的一个基本技能。在最近几年中,口语在中国西部地 区英语教学中变的尤为重要,但是,其中也存在一定的问题。一些学生当他们与别人用 英语交流的时候很难选择正确的词语去表达所想说的话,这样他们就给自己和别人留 下了口语很贫乏的阴影。另一方面,由于这些问题的存在,一部分学生可能会放弃口语 学习和实践的机会,时间一长,他们便害怕在课堂上大声地说英语。最终,说的越少, 他们的口语便越差。这篇文章试图去探究英语口语的重要性,然后找出问题的根源并 分析学生口语能力较弱的原因。鉴于在中学生中存在的这些现实问题,我们有必要在实 践中去调查和研究并最终提高口语能力.

I. Introduction
In the west region of our country, the traditional English teaching attaches the great important to the grammar, sentence structures. The students normally think that oral English is not as important as they have been expected. The entrance exam of high education institutes also has not the speaking section, not to mention the oral exam. The students think that it is unnecessary for them to learn speaking, it takes them Iots of time to learn, but they gain little achievements, finally most of them give up. Just under the circumstances, few students learn and few teachers teach, even, few theorists do the research on this project. So, it won't help our English teaching. As long as we have realized the seriousness of the problem, we can pay more attention to it.. In the modern society, communication is indispensable for learning a foreign language. with China's economy increasing every year, the contact with outside is becoming more and more important, and we should have good communication skills. Communication's basic tool is speaking. The middle school students of west region should concern more about it, if we lack of this tool, we will undoubtedly fail in our future work. It is well known that most of the students in middle school would not like to speak in English in their English class, and they consider that speaking something in English is hard work, which also have troubled me for a long time. For this problem I did sumo research. According to the research, with my knowledge and theory I learned in university,I want to share my own idoas with you.

The following lists of statements mainly give us the reasons why same of the students want to learn oral English well: To be able to communicate with people all over the world in an international language. To be able to read and understand a wide range of English sources for future purposes. To have a better opportunity of employment, status, and financial reward in the job market in the future. To be able to read and listen to English media for information and pleasure. To pass the tests in the school. And pass the Entrance Examination. To survive abroad if given a chance to go to the West...
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