A Case Study on Branding Bangladesh

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Product and Brand Management.

An assignment on-
Country Branding:
A Case Study on Branding Bangladesh.

Submitted To:
Shaikh Rafiqul Islam
Associate Professor,
Department of Marketing.

Submitted By:
8th Semester,
Session: 2008-09.

Date of Submission: 10/12/2012.


3rd Batch
Session: 2008-09
|Serial: |Name of Students : |Roll No: | |01. |Farjana Nur Purabi |091648 | |02. |Anik Kumar Devnath |091654 | |03. |Sheikh Sazzadur Rahman |091664 | |04. |Md. Ashiqur Rahman Rana Biswas |091695 | |05. |Rumana Jahan |091743 | |06. |Md. Masudur Rahman |091750 | |07. |Md. Rabiul Islam |091758 | |08. |Md. Mushfiqur Rahman |091759 | |09. |Mohammad Ullah |07882876 |

December 10, 2012.

Shaikh Rafiqul Islam.
Associate Professor.
Department of Marketing .
Jagannath University.

Dear Sir,

Here is the assignment you allocated us to prepare on “Branding Bangladesh”. After researching and studying the current situation of the country based on collected data we have been able to prepare the assignment.

All of the major points and insights information associated with the given issue are included here. Besides, we have attempted to include some of our personal assumption, practical experience and idea to make the assignment more fruitful. Thanking you for giving the break accomplishing such an interesting educative task.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Group :- Revolution.
8th Semester.
3rd Batch.
Session :- 2008-2009

Title Page

Country Branding:
A Case Study on Branding Bangladesh

Tourism Export Brands Culture and Heritage


People Investment Foreign and domestic policies

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Country branding is different in branding from a product. In developing the strategy, it would involve many intricacies and can be a long drawn out process. Branding Bangladesh is all about positioning Bangladesh in the minds of people. Branding Bangladesh is an important concept because it will help the country to understand how publics perceive her across the nations. Those people are consumers, potential tourists, and, most importantly potential investors. In the growth process of Bangladesh they all are participating actively. An effective nation branding campaign accelerates the economic growth of Bangladesh and the citizens feel dignified. It must be remembered that there are around 195 nations in the world; all are aggressively competing for the attention of investors, tourists, and citizens. Therefore, a well-planned nation branding campaign is crucial for the branding of Bangladesh.

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