Terrestrial Biomes

Topics: Plant, Biodiversity, Species Pages: 2 (363 words) Published: August 29, 2014

My biome is terrestrial. It is found in South America,Africa,and Asia.The thing that is unique about my biome is that there are certain features common to all tropical rainforest.

Some producers and consumers are a plant and the butterfly eats the leaves off the trees and plants which makes the butterfly a primary consumer. Next the frog eats the butterfly which makes the frog a secondary consumer.After that the snake eats the frog which makes the snake a tertiary consumer.Finally when the snake dies it gets decomposed by the mushroom or any type of fungi. This helps the organisms in this biome because they have specialized fur and have adaptations.Like how some trees depend on other animals to spread seeds of their to distant parts of the forest.

The average temperature in the rainforest in the winter is about 40˚ F and the average temperature in the summer is about 93˚ F. The average rainfall is about 160-400 inches per year. The average temperature all year is about 70˚ F during spring and fall.

There are so many different types of endangered species in the rainforest. One of the many endangered species is a lemur and a lemur is a secondary consumer.The reasons why a lemur is endangered is because people clear their native forest for farmland.Also why so many animals are endangered because humans hunt them down.

Two natural resources get from the rainforest is coconut oil and chewing gum (Double Mint, Orbit, Trident,etc.) Humans have hurt this area because area by cutting down trees for wood that turn into paper that people use everyday.

My biome is the rainforest and has a group of different species of animals that haven’t even been detected yet. I think that people shouldn’t cut down trees in the rainforest because then many animals will be come extinct and then there wouldn’t be anything interresting in the rainforest because there won’t be anything left.


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