Nivea Brand Management

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Brand Nivea

1911: Nivea Creme introduced in the German market by Beiersdorf.

1912-1970 : Introduced a range of products under Nivea brand maintaining a mono-product philosophy. Nivea Creme remained the company’s premier product

1970-1993 : Extended the Nivea brand from the limited range of to a full range of skin care and personal care products

1993 onwards: Change in Senior Management leads to IMC philosophy.

Product Mix

Question 1

What is the brand image and sources of brand equity for the Nivea brand ? Does it vary across product class ?

Brand Elements

Name:  The brand has derived its name from the Latin word Nivius meaning "Snow White". Logo:  The blue tin with the word NIVEA in white celebrated its debut in 1925.  NIVEA’s visual identity: World-famous blue and white color combination  NIVEA blue - is not just any old blue, but “Ivocart NIVEA Blue B 65711”  Blue  White  Blue and White

= = =

sympathy, harmony, friendship and loyalty external cleanliness as well as inner purity ideal for honest and appealing brand

Nivea- Brand Association

Brand Image
 Rich

set of brand associations (Strength)

 Care, mildness, reliability, gentleness, protection, high quality, feeling

good & reasonably priced  Used

by entire family (Favorability)

 A universal unisex acceptance satisfying multiple needs

 Strongly associated with shared family experiences

 Caretaker

of skin (Uniqueness)

 Caring and protective

Sources of brand equity
  

Nivea Crème unique water in oil emulsion - snow-white in color Nivea name from Latin word- “nives” – snow Nivea products - blue color background with white lettering 

extended from the NIVEA Crème tin

Nivea’s core brand associations – “mildness and caring”  

Correlated with the key skin needs of consumers

Enjoyed high degree of confidence & goodwill
Reliability, quality and honesty.

Nivea’s brand associations fit with the values of the consumer 

Desire for fairness, authenticity, openness and belonging

Variation of brand image and equity across product class
 

Exploited the strength of Nivea Crème brand associations and transferred it to other product classes New products  Positioned with a promise to contain the core brand

associations of Nivea Crème
 Successfully carried brand associations of Nivea crème  ‘Niveaness’ was to be repreented oin layout, images and

messages of all the communication.
 Use Common emotions in all ads, uniform Nivea Logo,

consistent lettering and real inspirational people in the ads.  Established Nivea as a skin care brand

Question 2
• What

are the pros and cons of the sub-brand strategy? Should Nivea run a corporate brand ad or umbrella ad for all their products?

Pros and Cons of the sub-brand Strategy

Pros Contains a common ‘Nivea’ message of quality and care Help to establish brand loyalty Monopolize the market Each sub-brand promoted specific product attributes and benefits that best satisfied the needs of its target market Sub brand can help to advertise mother brand Cons Negativity Associated with one brand, spread to all other brands Hard to manage a unified communication strategy Risk of entering into unrelated categories, leading to brand dilution

Corporate Brand Ads or Umbrella Ads
 NIVEA-Promoted the basic themes of skin care and protection

 Ads - always simple, plain and informative

 Early advertisements - image of the NIVEA women as clean, fresh and

natural.  Extended the freshness and natural image to the entire family.  Closely linked to people NIVEA must carry on with Umbrella Ads so as to maximize upon the strong Brand Equity earned over decades.

Question 3

Discuss the risks and benefits of Nivea’s brand extension into new product categories and customers.

Nivea: Brand Extension

Benefits of Brand Extension
 Long...
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