Geography- Interconnections and Biomes

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What is a biome?
Biomes are regions of the world with similar climate (weather, temperature), animals and plants. There are terrestrial biomes (land) and aquatic biomes (water).  
Biome Tundra:
Location- Regions south of the ice caps in the Arctic. In North America, Northern Europe and Asia. Climate- Short cool summers and long freezing cold winters. High winds. Adaptions- Thick fur to survive during winter and found places to hibernate during winter. Plants- Lichens mosses, grasses, shrubs.

Animals- Artic Fox and Polar bear
Special Facts- Plants in Tundra regions tend to be small and stunted due to the year round freezing and thawing of the poor soil.  
Biome Desert:
Location- On the western side of Earth, including, Asia, Africa, and Australia Climate- Really, really dry. Little to no rainfall at all.
Adaptions- Animals need to go for long periods without or with little water. Plants- Barrel Cactus and Desert spoons
Animals- Dingos, Kangaroos, Camels
Special Facts- Although the daytime temperatures of the desert biome are very hot, they can get very cold at night.

All the major biomes:
Polar lands, Tundra, Boreal forest. Mountain vegetation, Temperature forest, Grasslands, Desert and Tropical forest.  
Why is there such an abundance of life in a rainforest?
This is because abundance of life is due to ideal growing conditions in the forests.

Why is the grasslands biome important for human populations? The grasslands biome is important to human population because it has the ability to grow plants and provide animals with a place to live, it provides most of the world’s foods and fibre, for example, animals provide meat and milk and plants provide rice and vegetables.  

Food security:

What is food security?
Food security is a state where all people at all times have access to enough safe, nutritious food to sustain a healthy life. For a person, community or country to have a secure food supply they must have three things: • Food availability

• Food accessibility
• Using food appropriately.
People who do not have food security suffer from hunger and illnesses related to lack of food, such as malnutrition  
Food availability:
Food availability means people have enough food of appropriate quality available on a consistent basis. Food accessibility:
Food accessibility means physical and economic access to food. That is, there needs to be enough food available and it must be in reach of those who need it. Using food appropriately:
Appropriate use of food means using food safely and applying knowledge about nutrition, clean water and sanitation when preparing food.  
Threats to Food Security:
Threats to Food Security?
Food security depends on a number of factors. In some places, these factors are in a state of flux, and food security is under constant threat. The main factors that come into play and put food security at risk are: water scarcity; climate change; threats from non-native plants, animals and insects; competition for land; the use of land for fuel instead of food; and armed conflict. Water scarcity:

Water scarcity is the lack of access to enough safe water. The supply of clean, safe water is important not only for people to drink, but for the safe growing of crops for food. Climate change:
Climate change refers to long-term changes in weather events and patterns worldwide. The effects of climate change, such as, rising global temperatures and changes in levels of rainfall, could heavily put the security of food to risk. As there won’t be ideal amounts of rainfall or the ideal temperatures for certain crops to grow. Animals on the other hand, might not be able to cope with the rising temperatures. Threats from non-native plants, animals and insects:

The introduction of non-native plants, animals or insects into an area can have devastating effects on the natural environment. This, in turn, can develop into a situation where food security is put at...
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