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Topics: Ecology, Biodiversity, Natural environment Pages: 3 (399 words) Published: November 4, 2013
Area sensitive species – they need large plots of fragmented land. Raccoon, squirrels, pigeons, deer all use highly fragmented land for their beneficial.

Invasive species – emerald ash bore, zebra mussels, carp, bamboo, - very expensive trying to manage them, they also out compete native species –

Pollution – oil spills killing wildlife – some animals can protect against it

Population also plays a major effect in habitat loss

Overexploitation – using too much of something, like elephants

Protecting our environment

Us fish an wild life
Endangered Species Act & the act – three steps “listing” close to or at critical number (normally go extinct if at that number)

Notes – 10/31/13

Natural Resources

X – Natural resources – parts of the natural environment that have use of humans. X – we turn things into a natural resource – like Chilean seabass.

How parts of our ecosystem help us/ why we protect them

WOOD – medicine, food, timber, fresh water, austenitic/spiritual value ISLAND – food, fresh water, recreation
DRYLANDS – food, fiber, local climate regulation, spiritual values MOUNTAIN AND POLARS – food, fiber, spiritual values, recreation

Ideas about of ethical contention with environment

Biocentrism – making human connections with the envrionemntal ecological valus. We save environment for environemnt Antropocentrism – we save the environment for the peoples benefit

Trends in loss of ecosystem

Deforestation – 30% of land on the earth is forest. The conversion from forest to agriculture. AKA timber cutting

Over fishing – 70% of fish in our world we have over fished it. Ways that people fish are unsustanbility

Two theories of State Control
(Conservation vs. Preserva

Two theories of State Control
(Conservation vs. Preservation)

Wildlife refugees can be ANYWHERE. For example next to an airport in Philly

Preservation ideals – National Park Service and US Fish and Wildlife service Conservation...

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