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Can you think of anything that cannot be branded? Pick an example that was not discussed in each of the categories provided (Services, retailers and distributors, people and org, sports, arts, and entertainment) and describe how each is a brand Can you think of yourself as a brand? What do you do to “brand” yourself? Can you think of any negatively correlated attributes and benefits other than those listed in Figure 2-6? Can you think of any other strategies to deal with negatively correlated attributes and benefits? Can every brand achieve resonance with its customers? Why or why not? Can you think of some general guidelines to help marketers mix and match brand elements? Can you ever have “too many” brand elements? Which brand do you think does the best job of mixing and matching brand elements? Have you had any experience with a brand that has done a great job with relationship marketing, permission marketing, experiential marketing, or one-to-one marketing? What did the brand do? Why was it effective? Could others learn from that? M search giúp t mấy câu này nha. Thank you so much !M ơi. Mấy câu t tô màu đỏ là t không hiểu câu hỏi nên không tìm được. SR m nha =.=” Còn mấy câu kia t không biết t kiếm có đúng không nữa T_T

Câu 1: Can you think of anything that cannot be branded?
As humans we need references to remember and recall and thus we do so by association whether with words or numbers or just an idea/thought or name. I believe it is, in broad marketing context, almost impossible to find something that cannot be branded...or has not already been branded...but again it would depend on how people define branding. Although some might say that things like 'Air' or resources abundantly available cannot follow suit however I do have a can of 'Lebanon Air' in my office which might have emotional values for a national of the country. If you can't brand something, then you're saying that there isn't a single meme that has any salience to anyone else in the world. Now, you can brand something poorly or well, but even a vacuum (the scientific one: the absence of air) or dirt or a mongrel dog or anything else can be branded. Everything (even "nothing") has attributes. And so to say you can't brand something is to say it has no attributes. But anything without attributes is an epistemological nullity, for even the idea of something without attributes is itself a "something" that has attributes. There's no way around it. I think you can brand anything, whether the scale is that of the universe of that of the Planck Constant. So forget about Brand America ... how about the reduction ad absurdum -- Brand The Universe. Well, if you're religious, or even Deistic, perhaps the one word is "God." If you're not religious, entropy/chaos/etc. or infinite/life-generating/life-teeming are starting points. As to Brand America, the problem is determining what the essentials of America are. Depending on your political, cultural and sociological views -- or if you're simply a politician who talks out of all sides of his mouth -- this is either an easy or an impossible task. Too many people want to Brand America by dealing in inessentials and that's bound to fail. Also, are you branding what American was, what it is today, what it can be? -- or what it has been and should be timelessly. At that scale, you're dealing more in archetypes or in metonyms for archetypes. Possible starting points: the Statue of Liberty (sure, it came from France, but not important); individual rights; entrepreneurship; limited government. Bad starting points: bicameral legislature, national parks, any President except Washington or Jefferson, the Puritans, any political party. Whether branding America is politically possible is different than whether it is simply possible. when branding America, I think we have two choices. One is exactly what you say: brand for different target groups. And there are many cases where that's exactly what's needed. Two is seek a...
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