Biodiversity Mindmap

Topics: Evolution, Conservation biology, Biodiversity Pages: 2 (339 words) Published: January 16, 2014
BI296 Tutorial B23 Topics for Poster
Jan. 15th. 14

1. The loss of biodiversity due to human interactions.
HUGE topic therefore lots to talk about- easy to research
It is an increasing problem that needs to be advertised
Deforestation, culture, economy, climate change, selection, etc Domino effect- less diversity = less ecosystems
Urbanization in Canada is taking away habitats therefore decreases the species in those habitats and disrupting ecosystems Pollution, addition,
Could focus on just ONE ex; deforestation due to urbanization in Canadian cities

2. Artificial Selection causing loss of gene pool and in turn loss of biodiversity. Very interesting topic to talk about
Goes to show how something that benefits one thing hurts another; artificial selection benefits the farming industry- bigger crops, but it causes a loss in gene pool and therefore a loss in biodiversity- also would affect the economy if artificial selection was banned etc. No evolutionary adaptation for the species

Causes species to become more susceptible to diseases which could result in extinction and therefore a decrease in biodiversity Since Canada is a farming country many industries here rely on artificial selection

3. Extinction of species in Canada; loss of biodiversity
There’s actually a lot of species in Canada that are endangered if not already extinct due to exploitation, alteration of habitat causing migration and death Kind of ties in with #1- human interaction

Over 500 species in Canada are either extinct extirpated or at risk in Canada

4. The over exploitation of species in Canada causing loss of biodiversity Leading cause of loss of biodiversity all over the world
Hunt for food, clothes, pelts, fur, medicine etc.
This over exploitation is causing species to become extinct which in turns decreases the biodiversity; which could also affect linked ecosystems.

Random other ideas.
Extinction of Bison in Canada due to migration and random mating*...
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